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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Apache Rocks his Rudolph Ugly Christmas Sweater at Celia's Birthday Fiesta!

Ahhh, the December Birthday Party. Opportunity to melt the icy hearts of anybody nearby lol. Apache picked out an Ugly-Sweater to wear this year, and he worked that thing! It was the Grinch-Eraser! it was hand-knit mistletoe. non-perishable gingerbread man cookies! Look! Love! and get ready to say Awww! :)

Wait! there's more! Harley the Kid spent the party being admired and adored for his Tree-Decorating Savvy - he decorated two trees this year!!

And Brianna Marie light up the room in her cool cuddly and christmassy Carly Rae Jepsen autographed Call Me Maybe hoodie! Remember how great Carly Rae was last year Rockin' Times Square on New Year's Eve? (We do!) Well Bri put on a great big show too, as she patrolled the holiday decorations, and checked each and every present! Checked it once, and checked it twice!

And here's me, Mommy. I hopped into a group photo with Celia the birthday girl, and Tree Elf Jessie!
Speaking of trees... If yours has electric lights on it, or breakable decorations, keep a close eye on your furry kids, any little human kids, too! Trees pose so many dangers: tinsel, garland, ornament hooks, electricity, pointy and breakable things! Supervise!! We keep a tree with no lights, no garland or tinsel, and all "safe" ornaments -- that is the play tree!! It works. Bless you and your holiday xo! Love Sandy


Check out the decorations :) The G6 Group's Family Pet Fashion Show
and Mart's Merry Christmas Card (feat. Rudolph) xo!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New (Snow)Shoes

we threw on our ideological snowshoes today! me bri and apache suited up in actual winter gear to let snowflakes hit our faces on the balcony (it makes me sing and laugh!!) and harley the kid went all virtual freeze-out and got way up close to a snow globemade blizzard that (if I may say so) made him feel 100% part of this unexpected early storm  xo!
~love Mom!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson is #CoulsonIsAlive xo! We love you Clark Gregg. But we are wondering what this weird thing is that Agent Hill is talking about. Mom said, maybe they transferred his consciousness into a clone or android body! I said, what would that be like. We talked about it and it turns out that either his spirit would have left his body and gone astral or maybe the spirit itself gets transferred. What do you think? I think either could happen, it depends on how fast they disconnected it from his body. Now  Natascha sees him dead, we think, it could be Black Widow lol then Nick Fury sees him dead and gets all sad. So the "I was in the light for like 40 seconds only" is definitely not real. So that means that his body was dead until they revived it, or that it died and they had some technique to capture the consciousness and put it into a new android or some other sort of soul-catching device, right? So would his ghost be seeing him also in another form? That would be so sad and confusing for his astral self. Anyway. How'd he die? Maria Hill better tell us soon lol!

Btw, I was in a Jedi Starfighter this weekend. Here's my pic from the adventure we took ~

It's young Ben's starfighter. It was handed to Mom and Reg by the spirit world. Seriously. Anyway, that's my blog for today. Love, Harley the Kid xo! <3!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pyrolyzing and the Mars Rover Curiosity

One year later, we wrote an email to the people at NASA's Goddard Space Center, and I learned all sorts of stuff about how the Mars Rover Curiosity does its work. Take a look at the little page I made (Mom helped me figure out how to write it) that talks about the SAM box that Mars Rover Curiosity uses to check it's samples and figure out what they're standing on out there on the Red Planet lol

The web page is at 
That's our homepage xo!
Love you, 
Apache T. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Mom's review of "Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing" by Judi Barrett

These days, pet stores everywhere sell clothing for both useful purposes (like coats and boots) and for dressing up; they're sold for dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs so far (and the list keeps growing). In zoos, labs, and sanctuaries, animals like chimpanzees and gorillas are being offered clothing; if they'd like to, they have them to wear. It reduces stress, brings them joy, choice in their daily life, etcetera. From clothes to iPads, animals in zoos, labs, and sanctuaries are bridging the species gap and making the most of all sorts of things available to them. Given a paint brush, an elephant will create art for fun, joy, and holds great pride in the experience. Chimps brush their teeth in mirrors, wear sweaters, and read books. The sign-language research shows that sentience, creativity, and glamour are not limited to human-animals (yes, we are animals too, so how does that jive with this book's title??). A group of scientists led by Stephen Hawking, this year created and signed the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness of non-human animals. And a team of the leading Web innovators are working with singer Peter Gabriel to create "keyboard" input-devices for other species to use the Internet. I believe they are starting with a "keyboard" for dolphins! The world is changing rapidly and non-human animals are no longer so very different from human-animals. If you read this book to your child, you could be doing them an educational dis-service. It's not exactly correct, AT ALL.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mindfulness Breath, and the Rosary Beads Exercise!

We've had a very stressful month. My Mom's in physical therapy and it's a constant storm of pain and weakened energy zooming all about our room. Also Grama had surgery - she's fine PHEW - but that was a scary thing. As empaths, we pick up the energy of everybody around. We can be very nervous, knowing it's energy from us, or we can know the energy comes from people we love who are scared about stuff, even unrelated to us. Mary, the Mother, helps us cope and keeps us working on our own anxiety reduction. Take a look at a channeled exercise that Mom wrote up for people who like to use the Rosary to do meditative stuff. It's a great combo of the East and the West mixed with pure radiant love from Mary, herself. I love you, Mom xo! Love, Apache T. Stahlman xo! http://sandra.stahlman.com/rosarybeads-meditation.html

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Revolution at The Stahlman's

Hamster Chaos. Team name forever changed LOL jk xo!

Visit and you'll be assimilated!
Resistance Is Futile LOL


Love, Harley the Kid

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You!

And also with you, lol. xo!

Here's Jedi School with my big brothers. Harley's asleep for lots of the day, but got up in daylight, waited for Darth Vader to clear his airspace lol (Darth in his eagle outfit)(Harley's a hamster) so we got one or two shots of him with his smaller stuffed R2D2 but yah, watch out world and hands off our Jedi dolls! Oh sorry, boys, um Action Figures right lol xo! att*r :)

Here's the link to all hundred (or like 20) cool pix of the day we had way back in 2011. Not on May the Fourth but it's a #Caturday and #MaytheFourthBeWithYou day so here we go.

Sorry if I'm antsy, we had a run-in with Sir Obi himself and we're all a nervous wreck from how cool it is when he tells his stories and teaches us stuff about artificial intelligence, etcetera. And now (drumroll!) the photos I talked about -

Harley's pics are darker since he's a night animal :)
Later dudes!
xo Love you, Brianna Marie

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apache loves Harley Tomato to the RG Max!

Stolen kisses
Noses together at night

Stolen kisses
Good food at midnight

xo! Love you from Apache the Cat re: my hamster bro the little but huge Harley the Kid, a Chinese Dwarf I love with all my heart and beyond that, too. Forever love from Bri's lips to God. att*r

Hey, check out our G6 Group Mother's Day songs at our homepage http://sandra.stahlman.com/g6group.html. Since it's all about family, there's like a hundred (or three or four really lol) to listen to. Mom Is Mine is rocking, like Timberlake to Jay-Z xo!

All About Me & You is another really good mom type of tune.

Love you! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It makes so much sense now!

Mommy just noticed that Apache T's name is suspiciously just like a man he resembles so much, the other "T" - James T. as in run and see the next Star Trek movie. We can't wait!

Apache T. Stahlman's Mom! xo!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family band!

Where's The G6 Pack?!!!

Right on http://theg6group.com/g6group.html

We love you, dudes and ladies!
xo! From Harley the Kid <3!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

G6 Group Enrichment Day Blog!


Speaking of Playcare for Pets...

Our latest find is the FunKitty Twist 'n Treat (by Premier)

My little angels Apache and Brianna LOVE LOVE it! I fill it their Royal Canin Indoor Lite #40 in it, plus a few yummy Buffalo Blue bits (yum). And it makes a snack a whole fun experience. We just got ours, so I'll have to share the video made by Premier's actor staff-cat lol; but just a few notes...

Get one for each cat! or arguments and hurt feelings ensue. I place them on opposite sides of the room. They each do their own thing that way, or switch Twist'nTreats during the game lol. It's been really fun watching their "hunting" methods improve!

And, some stores are carrying a version of the toy that has an oddly not-safe metal rod sticking out of the top, that you attach feathers too - both the rod and the stringy feathers are not safe. PLEASE pull the rod out (it pulls right out) and throw that and the feathers away (please :)

Okay here's the vid. Once I get some footage of Apache's wild push-around-flip-over technique or Brianna's stand-it-up-flop-it-over move, I'll get that right up for you! They're adorable!



PS. Harley the Kid suggests that you make sure you fill it with some "light" or "weight control" food so they're not overstuffing on snacks <3!