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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Never fear, the scratcher's here!

Hi. Just wanted to let all you SmartyKat CatChaise Scratcher chair users like us, that it's not going to be for sale at Walmart online anymore. So I asked SmartyKat on their facebook page how to find it now, and they provided me with another good, online store to get it from. Amazon has some right now! Just buy it from the actual Amazon.com supplier on there though (or an Amazon seller you already trust), we'd suggest, because other random sellers might have let it get damp or dirty (since it is a cardboard scratcher and isn't being made in bulk now anymore). We're placing our first order with them now. Let's keep the Scratcher Chair available online, keep buying them people lol (Apache is allergic to most scratchers since they're cardboard, poor angel, but this chair has NEVER made him have an allergic reaction so we NEED this one to stay for sale, help us keep the supply and demand river flowing lol). Let's remember they're Eco and come with the best organic catnip on the planet. Makes the cats go crazy for it! xo! Love Harley and Mom :)

Loved by cool cats like Apache (the white one) and my girl Bri (the calico) xo!!