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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

G6 Group Enrichment Day Blog!


Speaking of Playcare for Pets...

Our latest find is the FunKitty Twist 'n Treat (by Premier)

My little angels Apache and Brianna LOVE LOVE it! I fill it their Royal Canin Indoor Lite #40 in it, plus a few yummy Buffalo Blue bits (yum). And it makes a snack a whole fun experience. We just got ours, so I'll have to share the video made by Premier's actor staff-cat lol; but just a few notes...

Get one for each cat! or arguments and hurt feelings ensue. I place them on opposite sides of the room. They each do their own thing that way, or switch Twist'nTreats during the game lol. It's been really fun watching their "hunting" methods improve!

And, some stores are carrying a version of the toy that has an oddly not-safe metal rod sticking out of the top, that you attach feathers too - both the rod and the stringy feathers are not safe. PLEASE pull the rod out (it pulls right out) and throw that and the feathers away (please :)

Okay here's the vid. Once I get some footage of Apache's wild push-around-flip-over technique or Brianna's stand-it-up-flop-it-over move, I'll get that right up for you! They're adorable!



PS. Harley the Kid suggests that you make sure you fill it with some "light" or "weight control" food so they're not overstuffing on snacks <3!