(au castle merovence)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a mom's entry

harley was learning to count, using his dr. seuss apple book, his first book of just his very own. i had a big wild time teaching him, but apache and reggie had their part. it was a very successful fun game-filled day of counting with the little harley. afterwards, apache was overwhelmed by it all. filled to the brim of pride and just mind-blown at how cool life with harley and all of us really can be. he wanted to talk and talk and filled the room with excitement and kinda wired up frenzied energy really, lol. he said "mom, it's so much like the ladies in africa who carry the baskets on their heads." i was thinking omg, he's snapped haha. like, he's comparing non-industrial way of life to the method we used for teaching harley numbers or something outlandish and so far out there like that. i hurried him off to sleep. he needs to sleep that one off, i thought. the next morning, i asked him very carefully. honey, what did you mean when you said we were like the ladies carrying baskets on our heads. he says (duh!) mom, the people in the book carry the apples on their heads like those ladies with the baskets. it was so cute and funny. very simple, a very sensical statement that i took for pure wackiness. i cracked up. sooooo cute. 

equally adorable, oh prior to winter, apache was surprised by reggie, who secretly planned to clear out room in his box-bed (aka the hot house), so that apache could fit in it with him all winter long. we moved their snake, his books and artwork got a shelf, bookend, and a folder. and it was all ready for apache, who, so gushy with 'aww thanks bro'ness couldn't even go into it for the first few days. finally. he did. and they've been in there all winter. in fact, if they're in there and i ask if they need anything, apache responds, "you see i'm in the box house. when i am in here, i don't need anything. stop talking." so... happy in the box bed, but it was time to do the blankets. i piled them on the floor next to the washing machine. apache crawled into them, cuddled up inside. "oh i don't want them clean of the smell. that's me and my brother together on them. we had so much fun. don't wash them. i want to be in them forever and ever." and i had to talk him down off the ledge to get them washed. he stood by the machine until they were all done and dry, then supervised while i put them back, inspected the work. it was up to code lol. and they snoozed happily ever after. where's apache now? in the box bed!