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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Band Practice Again Today (Jk!)

Harley says "hey" to all the gang, from the G6 Group!

We're taking several months off to relax and get our family back on track, after some hard stuff happened, losing our Reg to his spirit life-form, and getting used to our love with Brianna the Girl lol. She hates when I call her that. But we are working on a few songs, and I've even started using the keyboard now, not just the Wheel to make tunes.

So here's a video from last year'ish that you can watch and try this all at home with your all-animals family members. And you can have a G6 Christmastime, too! lol

Love you, Apache's kid-brother, Harley the King of the Lab (inside joke)

Anyway, the video's coming right up. It's us making our song "The Band" - it was taken in the Spring of 2011 - hey, right when Harley became a member of my family, I say because that's when I chose the name Harley for myself. And again, watching this video, think about how fun it'd be to go to soundcloud and download our free tunes. I love you. ATT*R

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Good Day to Celebrate Family Love ATT*R

Apples for Mutty Love for my Great-Grama!
Happy news today - Taylor Swift is going to be the main singer for our New Years Eve day and night, too lol. xo ATT*R I love you Reggie for giving me and Mom, Bri, and our Apache The Great Kid our very own love of the Lady Taylor Swift. I love you all, from Harley the Actual Kid xo!

Harley loves Mouse's House Awww he's so cute when he was a little boy :)