(au castle merovence)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apache loves Harley Tomato to the RG Max!

Stolen kisses
Noses together at night

Stolen kisses
Good food at midnight

xo! Love you from Apache the Cat re: my hamster bro the little but huge Harley the Kid, a Chinese Dwarf I love with all my heart and beyond that, too. Forever love from Bri's lips to God. att*r

Hey, check out our G6 Group Mother's Day songs at our homepage http://sandra.stahlman.com/g6group.html. Since it's all about family, there's like a hundred (or three or four really lol) to listen to. Mom Is Mine is rocking, like Timberlake to Jay-Z xo!

All About Me & You is another really good mom type of tune.

Love you! :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It makes so much sense now!

Mommy just noticed that Apache T's name is suspiciously just like a man he resembles so much, the other "T" - James T. as in run and see the next Star Trek movie. We can't wait!

Apache T. Stahlman's Mom! xo!