(au castle merovence)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

apache's gone wild!

hello, I'm taking over this blog for a few minutes to display my new tour avatar artwork. mom made it for me. i told her what to do since i don't have the proper um face or hands to use her graphical conversion software or interface with this keyboard. i am smart enough to do it, however, so if any of you want to use my hands and build me a keyboard, I'd make my own stuff from now on. here we go. first is my very new steal your face right off your paws lol

mom made me a tour bus photo a while ago before i was aware that i was her clown again, so ribbon movie clown days all the way back to the haight street years with my mom, alyson, and my sister in love, maggie. here's a look at the new stuff i have for myself now that i am learning how to listen to garcia play guitar (so that i can be better at the G6 Group stuff i have going on all the time nowadays :)

Love you, too,
Apache Stahlman