(au castle merovence)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Revolution at The Stahlman's

Hamster Chaos. Team name forever changed LOL jk xo!

Visit and you'll be assimilated!
Resistance Is Futile LOL


Love, Harley the Kid

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You!

And also with you, lol. xo!

Here's Jedi School with my big brothers. Harley's asleep for lots of the day, but got up in daylight, waited for Darth Vader to clear his airspace lol (Darth in his eagle outfit)(Harley's a hamster) so we got one or two shots of him with his smaller stuffed R2D2 but yah, watch out world and hands off our Jedi dolls! Oh sorry, boys, um Action Figures right lol xo! att*r :)

Here's the link to all hundred (or like 20) cool pix of the day we had way back in 2011. Not on May the Fourth but it's a #Caturday and #MaytheFourthBeWithYou day so here we go.

Sorry if I'm antsy, we had a run-in with Sir Obi himself and we're all a nervous wreck from how cool it is when he tells his stories and teaches us stuff about artificial intelligence, etcetera. And now (drumroll!) the photos I talked about -

Harley's pics are darker since he's a night animal :)
Later dudes!
xo Love you, Brianna Marie