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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson is #CoulsonIsAlive xo! We love you Clark Gregg. But we are wondering what this weird thing is that Agent Hill is talking about. Mom said, maybe they transferred his consciousness into a clone or android body! I said, what would that be like. We talked about it and it turns out that either his spirit would have left his body and gone astral or maybe the spirit itself gets transferred. What do you think? I think either could happen, it depends on how fast they disconnected it from his body. Now  Natascha sees him dead, we think, it could be Black Widow lol then Nick Fury sees him dead and gets all sad. So the "I was in the light for like 40 seconds only" is definitely not real. So that means that his body was dead until they revived it, or that it died and they had some technique to capture the consciousness and put it into a new android or some other sort of soul-catching device, right? So would his ghost be seeing him also in another form? That would be so sad and confusing for his astral self. Anyway. How'd he die? Maria Hill better tell us soon lol!

Btw, I was in a Jedi Starfighter this weekend. Here's my pic from the adventure we took ~

It's young Ben's starfighter. It was handed to Mom and Reg by the spirit world. Seriously. Anyway, that's my blog for today. Love, Harley the Kid xo! <3!