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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The night Harley ran up his tunnel for the 1st time!

This is Brianna, and my little brother wonderful Harley the Kid Stahlman said I want to run up my tunnel today but it's too tall for me to reach it myself all the way still. And Mom said, I will lift you up. And he got upset since she was scooping him up and pushing him up it to start him off. So he tried to bite her and she said, well I won't do it then. And he said, I didn't actually bite you so I'm going to try again. And he ran over and he came back. The next time, he wiggled away but he came immediately back again. That time, he ran right up it, like Mom gave him a boost up and she said I'm just helping you get started so you see how it feels and now you know how it happens so if you can, you can do it again all by yourself now. And he ran straight the heck up it and we all went OMFG! and laughed and clapped and were all so happy! The end for now Lol. It's night. PS. if a hamster nips at the mom's hand it only means "I am afraid" and moms all know that lol. Goodnight for now! xoxo Brianna the Marie Stahlman :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

hasbro says black widow action figure... soon in stores!

Hi, so I was really bothered that a Black Widow action figure didn't come out with all the other Avengers toys and collectibles lol, whichever you're in the market for :) And I wrote an upset letter to Hasbro asking why they would do this, since Black Widow was a major character, and has been in two movies now (she's in Iron Man 2 also). She's action hero role model material for girls and women everywhere, and they buy stuff, too. Avengers was a huge hit with both boys and girls. Anyway, here's what they said about getting Black Widow into the stores ASAP!


Hi Sandra,

Please be advised that we have released the Avengers Black Widow figure. This figure has just recently begun shipping to retail stores. Please keep in mind that depending on time of year, retailer distribution systems, store inventory and sales patterns, it may take from several weeks up to a couple of months for some products to show up on store shelves! 

All current Hasbro products are also carried by Toys R Us (http://www.toysrus.com). Our products can also be found at your local Wal-Mart (http://www.wal-mart.com), Kmart (http://www.kmart.com), Target (http://www.target.com), as well as other toy and mass merchandise retailers. 

Regrettably at this time, a Black Widow Mighty Muggs figure has not been released. However, your request will be shared with the appropriate personnel for consideration. 


Hope she's cool looking!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

group-sit mindfulness meditation class with bodhipaksa!

I went to my first real group guided-meditation class. I'm a cat so I can't normally go. My mom's an animal whisperer or animal communicator, whichever you feel good about using to talk about me like that way's okay to be with her. She uses telepathy is the real thing it is, and that's scary to many of the humans I know. So I don't talk to a lot of them at all. Using my own language, cat stuff - body and purrs and stuff - that's good for us to be all together, that's still okay I know, but I learn much more from my mom than anybody thinks I do because we talk all day all the time. She's handicapped and she's home all day and she does her routine, exercises from physical therapy that put her to bed after. Two times a day. Other than that, she can't work as an animal communicator, and she can't do her zoo enrichment training anymore. No day job, no night job, no money, no house of my own with her. But she loves me and she's teaching me all the stuff she learned about being in a home of my own with her. We do math class, art stuff, I learned how to do telepathy with a weak-minded mom - lol, she's not as good at it as me and Brianna and my baby brother Harley are (he's a dwarf hamster and Bri is another cat, they're my family with my mom). So today we took a group online with Skype telepathically entrained without other people maybe knowing it or maybe they did. Idk I heard some chatter that way during the session without naming the names of those other group members who I could hear some of Lol. But, whatever, the point is, I already know how to meditate because mom trains at it very hard. It helps with stress, to block out angry sounds all around us since she gets all sorts of incoming noises since she's wide-open telepathic, and she helps us learn about our bodies. I know breathwork. I know how to focus on my own body. I know it all from her other at-home classes but she always wore headphones for the stuff she did with Shinzen Young, and his hard-core classes taught her stuff we used the other day to avoid fear of the men working on our roof. We all huddled together and focused on all the other sounds in the area - other than that noise of hammering and men walking on my house! lol - and Brianna just said, "oh that's what you're like, you do that all the time." And we do. Interestingly, Mom usually can't breath out of her nose, she has (as she says all the time and then laughs about it) bad piping up there in her nose. It's clogged up. So she has to hang her mouth open to breath all the time and that's not what meditators say to do and she always feels like she looks awful doing it. Catch a fly ball in there haha. But, she has to hang her mouth open or she forgets she can't get air and gets weird hot-flushing of her face and ears. And it's awful and she gets dizzy and... We watch an awful lot of clue-solving crime television and movies, our family is TKC CSI btw lol (that's a funny thing to write, I'm dictating and Mom is typing for me up there in the world of hands) and mom said that if you don't breathe you suffocate. We know about lungs and dying from lung damage and stuff like how people get strangled. Graphic crapola that cats need to know haha but seriously she says, idk like, don't knock over that book on the top of the shelf or it'll fall onto somebody's head and I now think, blunt force trauma, that's what that would be if it hit Brianna on the head. So today Mom was worrying that her mouth was hanging wide open on the tv with Skype open and her TKC shirt looked funny and she said, all it says is "team" and I said, I am trying to relax and do the class please stop talking to Brianna and she went, sorry - back to the breath. And we talked to Bri about breathing in and out, how that is, and Mom said, I can't breath from my nose and tried and I could hear it whistling since her nose is so plugged. And Brianna said, if you don't breath right you are dying. And mom said, that's why my whole face gets so hot. I have to remember to always leave my mouth open in Rochester, the weather is not my style. I miss the fog. It's too hot, blah blah blah. But she's right, and Bri just learned so much about meditation in one free, and I mean totally free and I need mom to do free things all the time, she feels relaxed and happy, and I'm out of time since she can't sit any longer to type since her leg is so hurt. Into the bed, mommasita, and this is Apache Stahlman signing out. Saying, I am so thankful for Bodhipaksa to host that guided group meditation Skype session since I - an average cat - sat and trained to be a Jedi in my "Jedi School" playhouse that Mom found at TJMaxx for only $10 so we got it and I love it and I'm now gonna put in any picture of the Jedi School, Mom's choice. Amen to that! xoxo Apache!

That serious look is not a bad serious that is happy as I can possibly be and proud and crap! Crap is our word of the week, it's a technical term in the Jedi community, as you may know.
The end.